Below are frequently asked questions by our clients , feel free to ask us any question


444-300x122Question:  what is the quality of the documents you produce?
Ans: Our documents are produced with high quality and are indistinguishable from the real documents (government issued). We duly replicate all security features like special paper, watermarks.
444-300x122Question: Can your documents be used instead of the government issued ?
Ans: Yes, of course, you can do it. I’d suggest that you request the duplication services (cloning of the real existing
document but with your photo).
444-300x122Question: Will my orders be kept a secret or better still private ?
Ans:Of course, customer’s data is kept confidential and never shared with a third party .
444-300x122Question: How long is shipping due upon completion of production ?
Ans:Handling and discreet delivery takes 2-to-5 days, depending on country of destination. Some orders take up to a week (Asia)
444-300x122Question: Do any of your company’s details appear on the document or envelopes they are sent in?
Ans: The documents will be sent in discrete packages with no references to our company.
444-300x122Question: Do you accept payments via PayPal or Credit Cards ?
Ans: Due to the specification of our business it has been difficult to accept payment via these methods.